As with a for profit business, proper incorporation under North Carolina state law provides insulation from personal liability for individuals who are developing the organization. In North Carolina, non-profit corporations are governed by the North Carolina Nonprofit Corporation Act. After incorporation, the entity may apply for tax exempt status with the IRS. I can help you ensure that you are applying under the appropriate Code (501(c)(3), 501(c)(4), etc.) and that you have developed the appropriate operational structure to obtain and keep your tax exempt status.

If your vision is one of pub­lic ser­vice and char­i­ta­ble endeav­ors, I can help you decide if a non­profit tax-exempt entity is the best way to pro­ceed. I will set you up the right way and keep you in com­pli­ance with the local, state, and fed­eral reg­u­la­tions at each stage of your busi­ness cycle.

As an Asheville business attorney, I provide provide a full range of legal services to nonprofit organizations, including formation, and labor and employment. Those services include all the elements of the following required steps:

  • Incorporation
  • Selection of Directors and Officers
  • Ratification of Bylaws
  • Ratification of Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Plan programs, financial plan
  • Complete and File Application for Tax Exempt Status (Form 1023 or 1024)
  • North Carolina Charitable Solicitation License
  • File with North Carolina Department of Revenue

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